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Gonna be tiring...

Schedual for the next week:

Get up at seven
Make lunch, shower, assorted morning getting ready things.
Catch bus at nine
Start work at 11:30
Finish at 8.
Catch ride from assorted awesome friends.
Get home around 10 usually, I think.
Go to sleep imediately.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Don't expect to see me for the next week, and don't expect civility if you do.

On a similar note, I'll be at the Cosplay Picnic, so I'll see you there! XD I'll be sans costume, as with that schedual, I have NO chance of whipping up even a value village cosplay. Who else is comming? I want to see friends! anyotherknight, are you still comming, and are we still doing dinner afterwards? ^^ <3

I also have this monday off, so if anyone needs me/wants to chat, call me then. ^^

Day 30/31 of waiting for Blair. No word yet. I've been keeping an eye on other people waiting, and some of them are around day 45, so I might have quite a while yet. T_T
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