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I hate my mind.

Had a REALLY shitty day at work. The very thought of leaving the house to go to work was making me physically sick to my stomach, and it wasn't much better when I got there. MASSIVE computer errors disrupting me constantly, causing me to reboot SEVEN times today. >_< And people were not pleasant. I realized today that I just don't give a fuck about them or that place anymore. And it's funny, because Danny gave me three months until I started hanging up on people and shit, and it was three months today, and he's right... I just don't care. I'm not hanging up on people or anything... but I think I'm going to apply at the libraries and such sooner rather than later. Not in a rush to quit... but you know. It never hurts to look for a better job. ^^ Who knows? The rest of the week might be great and I'll wonder what my problem was. ^^

Okay, I watched that damn clip from my last entry at least 15 times, and I was thinking about it during the slow times at work. I was thinking about my dolls, and how I was right about all the guys being the aggressors.

Jean-Claude is constantly going after Blair and Natalie.
Ethan is corrupting Azami.
Kyosuke rescues Hannah.
And Brishen and Nimeth are just fuckbuddies. I don't get how their lack of a relationship works. XDD

And I was thinking, god, how incredibly one sided that is. T_T I was thinking of the guy in the clip, how strong he was, and determined not to be with the female dancer, but he was always there to catch her. You could see him despairing at being caught by her gentleness. How he was trying to remain aloof and distant.

And then it hit me. It's SHONE, and his fucking wife. >_< XDDD Shone, who was pretty much never allowed a chance to be on my doll list, the Dollish U-me, or Dollshe Saint, something along those lines. With his short black hair, volks metalic blue eyes, and his damn coldness, only being thawed by the one woman who never gave up, and stuck by him despite his better judgement. Pino's dad, and Kyosuke's brother-in-law.

I'm falling for him more and more as I keep thinking about it. T_T

Damn you, So You Think You Can Dance! T_T XD

The problem is, IF Shone got added to the list (And he's NOT going to be. He can stand outside the door and pound on it all he wants, he's not getting added to the list of characters!), what the hell do I do about his wife? She was supposed to have died not too long after Pino was born, and that's what made him turn into the emotionless frostman he is today, and the reason Pino grew up at her grandparent's temple. Would his wife only exist in flashback photostories? I wouldn't want a doll for so little plot, and I'd feel weird having her near the other dolls, since she's, you know, dead.

So now I have this couple I DON'T want to buy knocking at the door in my brain, when they're frankly impossible, and it's driving me nuts. T_T Not to mention I love the SD16 body for him, and I don't know of a head that'd match it. T_T

But oh, how I love frowny, pouty dolls, and this would be an excuse for one. It's just my luck that all my assholes have to be smiley, when I have a weak spot for frowners. Shakes fist at uncooperative, grinning characters
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Gah~ Shone sounds like my kinda man. XD If you ever decide to get him and need a girl for flashback stories, you can always snatch Salem for the part (maybe we'd have to change her wig thoug?) I think it would be fun.
Ooh, that definately is an idea! ^^ i was thinking about the girls my friends out this way have, and none of them really fit the bill (Doesn't help that there's like, TWO SD girls. XDD It's all boys out here). Salem actually sounds like she'd physically fit the bill pretty well. Thank you so much for the offer~ ^^

And Shone's my kinda man, too, which makes it hard to keep him from existing. XDD
Jean-Claude is constantly going after Blair and Natalie.
Ethan is corrupting Azami.
Kyosuke rescues Hannah.
And Brishen and Nimeth are just fuckbuddies. I don't get how their lack of a relationship works. XDD

You have so many dolls! xD (Don't worry, I'm sure it's not a bad thing)

Oh, no, no, I only have the one, right now, and another on the way. The others are just planned. XD I have 12 planned, and a 13th who wants to exist, but I think I have too many planned as it is. XDD
12? o.0;;; I only count 9 there!! Goodness!!

Your random doll babble makes me smile xDDDD
XD True, true. But Tristan is single, so he wasn't listed there, and Pino is 6 and not in a relationship, obviously. XDD And Kitsuneko is a fox/cat spirit, and doesn't count. XDD

I'm glad you enjoy it! I'm always afraid it's boring non-doll-people. T_T <3
Ok, I might've known this before, but you have a TRISTAN?! How cool! ^^ I dont know if you know this, but when we have a boy that will be his name, that exact spelling to! (Unless Jimmy disagrees for some reason). Tristan James to be exact and I always thought if he hates his name for some reason we could call him T.J. ^^
Is Kitsuneko going to be a regular doll or that cute cat-doll I saw when you linked me to the bunny-doll?
Yup, you definately mentioned that. XDD We'll both have Tristans! But mine will be smaller and pointy-er. XDD ^^ I remember you said yours would be cuddlier, but I said mine doesn't poop. XDD

Kitsuneko will be that cat doll, modded to have a narrower face, and painted up like those japanese fox masks. Kitsune means fox, and neko means cat, so it's kind of a pun. ^^


10 years ago


10 years ago

Oh gods... We both know that no matter how many time you say "He doesn't exist" that he really does =P I've been denying the fact that Donovan doesn't really exist for a -long- time. And I actually used to believe that too >.> Damn shame that you can only deny what's in your brain for so long T.T
Yeah, but I'm the queen of self-denial. XDD I mean, I caved and let Kitsuneko on the list. But I dun wanna let Shone on. T_T

But I was thinking his wife would be Kyoko... I thought that'd be cute, since her brother is Kyosuke. XDD
Bah! Do it do it do it~!!! >D You know you wanna buy them ^.~ We both know that you'll eventually cave XD
No, Bunnywink has been kind enough to offer up Salem for any shots I need of Shone's wife, so she's not even on the list. ^^ And neither is he! XD
pfft~ Denial isn't just a river in Egypt you know ^.~

ps - Plz to be coming online? *_*
No, I'm sleepy and watching my brother play god of war. No energy/concentration for MSN. Was there something important?
No... Not really~ Just thought I was in the mood for a bit of Kona!chat XD