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Merry Christmas. ^^

I hope everyone's having a good holiday, whatever it may be. ^^ I had a pretty good one, even though I spent christmas eve alone. XP My parents were upstairs, and they go to sleep pretty early, but my brother's sleep schedual was all screwed around, so he went to bed around 5pm last night. So... no holiday movies and company for Kona. XP

We had lots of yummy food and such today. ^^ Although I'm not a fan of traditional turkey dinners, there was enough other stuff to make up for it. ^^ We had crab cakes and a shrimp ring, cold smoked salmon spread and a hot crab dip, all sorts of crackers and cheeses, breaded mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers, mini quiche, and all sorts of these yummy puff pastry things with feta, spinach, portobello, artichoke, and all sorts of other yummy fillings. ^^ And for dessert, we had shortbreads, fudge, sweet maries, and chocolate walnut bars. ^^

I'm such a food nut. XD

And now for the obligitory materialistic gift post. XD

I got my brother an mp3 player and a set of nice headphones, which went over suprisingly well. I didn't expect him to like it, but he did, which made me happy. ^^ He's so hard to shop for. But he said he'd been thinking of buying one, so now he doesn't have to. ^^

Dad, I got him a big fluffy sheepskin cover for his truck seat. He has back problems, and the seat is too cold and strains his back, so now it'll be nice and warm. ^^ I wanted to get him something more fun, but he seemed to really appriciate it, so what the hell. XD I also wanted to get him the new John Grisham book that's out next month, and I told him to expect that as a late present, but he said he hates hardcover books. So I guess I'll just try to find him two softcovers he hasn't read yet to make up for it. XP

I had a really hard time finding something for my mom, and she knew I was really busy with work, so she told me just to get her a gift certificate for a certain store she really likes. She'll be going by the outlet for it next time she goes to Quebec, so she'll be making good use of it then. XD

I got all of them scratch and win lottery tickets for their stockings... a crossword for dad, bingo for mom, and tetris for my brother. XD

As to me, my brother got me a really nice vietnamese cookbook I was ogling, and I adore him for it. XD <3 Vietnamese cookbooks can be so hard to find. I saw another one when I was at chapters that wasn't as big as this one when I was there, so I'll probably get it next month. I got some new jeans and pjs and pretty socks (I'm wearing the cashmere socks right now XD), and some lovely sweaters, and a pair of dress pants that suck less than my others. XD And mom knows my weird style so well... she got me a velvet cummerbund. XD I want to wear it with my frilly blouse. I got some of the standard gifts of candy and such. I also got an appetizer cookbook, a HUGE book on asian culture, and The Assassin King by Elizabeth Haydon (which I've been waiting for for years ^^). I also got a green tea bath kit, and assorted other things. But my big presents were Guitar Hero 3, speakers for my ipod, and a sony cybershot camera. ^^ My old kodak just isn't cutting it... I'm always unhappy with the picture quality lately, and it seems like the majority of my camera friends suggest the cybershot to those who don't want a DSLR. I actually got a different camera for my birthday, but I looked into it online, and it didn't seem to be what I needed, so we returned it but never got anything else. So this was sort of a birthday and christmas present. ^^

I just wish I had some apple cider. XD

The Neverending Story is on BBCK right now... god, I love this movie. XD

Anyways, that's it for now. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. Try not to trample, or be trampled tomorrow during boxing day stuff, guys. XP It's gonna be brutal at work... I wish I had it off. T_T I should know tomorrow if I have new years off, so I'll be posting that info on the local doll board, and maybe here. I know I'm bringing the skor bar trifle to the party, but I'm also thinking a homemade salsa con queso dip, or cracked black pepper and cheese puffs. With this new appetizer cookbook, I can't decide. XD
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