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So it was a little longer than I had planned...

... before I wrote a real update. Sorry. ^^;;;

I guess I've stepped into hermitage again. I don't call people, I've eschewed IMs and Gaia... about the only things I do online is the international and local doll forums, and read people's LJs. I try to keep abreast of those, although even that lacks sometimes when I'm particularly tired. T_T

Home sick today. Cramps, nausea, sore back, headache. And unrelated, sore hands from dropping a chair on one and cutting the other on a shampoo bottle, and sore feet from stupidly wearing high heels when taking the bus... blisters on the bottom of my feet now. T_T Also, woke up hyperventilating from some dream I don't remember. O_o; Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow... I didn't want to call in sick this week because then I'd have earned a lieu day I could have used to get a doll meet off of work, but I just felt too icky. T_T Completely off of food right now, too, especially meat. And I love meat. TT__TT

Hate my job, of course, and really would like to quit. But, not gonna until I have a call that makes me snap, or I find a new job. (Sorry to be such a downer today. XD;;; ) I guess... it all seems rather futile? I used to have dreams of things I wanted to do, but I've been more practical lately. Why am I working? So I can go back to school. I hated school. I'll probably hate it again. And even if I do go to school and finish school, what am I going to do? Probably some job that I'll end up hating. Honestly, I just kinda want to be left alone to learn about things that I find interesting in my own way at my own pace, for the rest of my life. Is that too much to ask?

Yeah, it is. XDDD

But yeah... if I was as dissapointed in a relationship as I am in life in general, I'd have dumped the bastard long ago.

I can just see that. "Yeah... Life? It's not you, it's me. I think we should see alternate realities." Talk about a messy breakup - I can't picture life taking that well. Existance would probably be able to throw one hell of a fit.

I think I'm going to buy this pretty necklace and earring set I saw. Each piece has a rather large pearl, with a silver vine crawling up it, and I think there was little diamonds on the leaves. I need some new jewlery... the stuff I have is nice enough, but nothing really special. I don't really have anything to wear on fancy ocassions. I'd also like a nice garnet ring, and a new peridot ring... the one I have now is yellow gold, and I hate yellow gold. >_< I'd also been eyeing some Vivienne stuff... mainly a belt (which is now out of stock T_T ) and the knuckle guard ring, which I see anyotherknight has... glad to see it on someone, as the pictures kinda had me baffled on how it was worn. XDD There's also several pairs of earing I'd give someone's left nut for (no one in mind, really), but they're all out of stock.

I have messages for a number of people, which are all rather late, sorry. ^^; Part of the hermit thing. ^^;;;

anyotherknight, did you get any of my messages about that local doll show east of me? Are you interested in comming? We've been saving a seat for you in one of the cars in case you wanted to come, and you're welcome to come down early and spend the night before here, like darthmarysue is. Slumber party FTW! We could play the Gackt game. XDD Hope you can come! <3

Also, to anyotherknight, little_finch, Sheena, darthmarysue, viewpoints, and sundry others - my friend Lee is having a birthday/halloween party, and you're invited. Sorry to leave it to such short notice... that's my hermity fault. ^^; For those who are bad with names, that's my squeaky, overly kind, barbie collecting, camera loving, interior designing friend. Here are the details:

The Date: Saturday, Oct. 20th, 2007
The Time: Anytime, most likely after 6pm until the following day. (Thats right like always its a sleep over, so come prepared)
The Place: My home
The Conditions:
Dress up in any fictional characters (aka, this means you dress us in a costume, not your own clothes)
Please bring sleeping equipment, pillows, blankets and the such...
You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks, small appetizers will be provided by me.
Remember games, for wii, xbox 360, etc....
Expect to see fireworks, sparklers, glow sticks or some facsimile of all.

She hopes to see any and all of you, but of course understands that it's a long trip in a busy month, and I've left it really short notice, so yeah. ^^;;;;; As to me, I work 3pm-12am that day, so depending on my shift the next day, I most likely will not be able to make it. T_T

Hmmm.... What else? Still heckling paypal to get things sorted out. Want to buy leeke sandals for Blair, god damn it, and a number of other things. Like Ethan and Azami. XD I want to put up a want to buy thread for them, but think I should wait on that until I have things straightened out. I mean, they're pretty rare, and I don't really want to get them until dec-mar, but on the off chance that someone would have one available immediately, it just wouldn't be good buisness to not be able to pay them immediately. But yeah... if any of you guys see a KazeKidz (Kaye Wiggs) Matilda (Either whole, head, or body, light skin or BW), or an Elfdoll Red Special (Head, whole, or fullset), I'd really appriciate being made aware of it.

Persona 3 taunts me with me being too fat to cosplay all the beautiful skanky costumes. T_T Current cosplay interests - xxxHolic, random Mitsukazu Mihara stuff, Persona 2, Persona 3. Lucky Star. >_>;;;

Too tired to think of more to say (Sorry for the long, un lj cut entry as it is - it's my first entry in a while, so indulge me, svp). So, I'll just end this with a pic of Blair. Sorry I haven't taken more pics of him... been too busy. Got his hat, thanks to Scuzz, and she made him an awesome messenger bag, too. ^^ The hat hides how awful his wig is! XDD So enjoy, and I'll try to post more often. ^^; Hope to see most of you soon! ^^

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