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Camera help?

I have a bunch of camera geeks on my friendslist, so time to hit up for advice. XDD

First, sorry I haven't been able to respond to comments or chat with people. Been really drained and tired, and not online much. I haven't even had a chance to say welcome back to Kuro yet. T_T So welcome back, Kuro! XD <33 I was going to PM you about birthday gathering last weekend to see if you wanted to come, but I figured you might just want to spend your first day back with your family. I understand some people like to do things like that. O_o XDD (Enjoy family? What an alien concept. XD) And Rin, no worries, I got your message, but didn't want to call back and bug you since you sounded so busy. We'll hang out another time. Same goes for you, Octune. Aparently there's a new japanese/chinese restaurant near your parent's place... we'll have to try it sometime. ^^ And DarthMarySue, I'm on the third book. Oh, how I love demon babies and gender confusion issues making romance awkward. XDD

So... back to camera stuff. My parents got me a camera to my birthday, which was kinda shocking, as it's really not something I was expecting, as I was content with my current camera. I found that the camera had a distressing lack of information included with it, and te online reviews I read didn't really sound like it was appropriate for my uses. We'll be returning it tomorrow (though I warned the parents that after getting more info, I might just end up getting the same damn one, who knows. XDD)

So the camera they got me was a olympus fe-210... the reviews I read mentioned that it had problems with darkness in the corners of the images, distortion issues, images weren't very sharp, and extreme indoor low light issues (it said that all indoor pics came out yellow, and macro shots had a blue tinge).

Basically, I use my camera for dolls, and cosplay, and that's about it. I want something affordable, fairly compact and durable, and good for closeups and indoor low light conditions. (Currently all my shots of Jean-Claude are outside because I can't get a good pic inside. x_x ) I'd love it if it didn't have every shot without a flash come out blurry like my current camera... Some sort of manual focus option is probably out of my price range. >_< I can dream, though. XDD Most of the other features I'm interested in seem to be fairly standard fare now, like video and easily being able to set it to over or underexpose the pics.

Ease of use is also a factor - I'm not a moron, but I'm also not a camera nut. I'd rather not have something so complicated that I can't use it properly. ^^;

So does anyone have any suggestions for me? Comments about the camera I'm returning tomorrow? I'd really appriciate any advice anyone has for me. <33

BTW, for those who don't know, Blair was shipped on Wednesday. I'm expecting him sometime in the next two days or so. No clue if EMS ships on sunday or not...
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