Sikona Mihabashi (sikona) wrote,
Sikona Mihabashi

Weekend plans!

As a few of you know, it's my birthday tomorrow. Work jerked me around, and I found out today that I don't have the time off I was hoping for to have the party we'd been planning. So, executive decision - we're going to chinatown tomorrow. Everyone's welcome. I'm going to be posting on TDAF as well to invite people. ^^

Where - Chinatown
When - Tomorrow, at two. We'll be in front of the chinatown center from 2-2:15. If you come late, you'll have to call my cell or Anikka's something. Anytime is fine, just give us a ring and find out where we are.

Dolls are welcome, but not necessary. We'll just be shopping and hanging out and probably be getting vietnamese food for dinner. All I want for my birthday (every year) is just to see my friends, as it always invariably fucks up and like, only two can make it. So come on out and hang out! All I ask is people try to get along, and not be loud fucktards. ^^

If you need my cell, post and ask for it. ^^
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