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Had an AWESOME day with anyotherknight today. Seriously, I can't image having more fun, unless we had certain bendy asian boys there to keep us company while we hung out. XDD Day filled with dolly, insane cats, Battle Royale, Gackt, sushi, and YOOOOOOUTOOOOOOOB. I was there for about as long as my shifts at work are, and man, I wish my shifts would fly by as fast as today did.

Next time, we will play Gackt playstation game, watch masquerade skits, and watch more awesome movies. ^^

List of things I promised to make note of or post:

Mitsukazu Mihara is the name of that artist. She's done the series Doll and The Embalmer, and the stand-alone mangas IC in a Sunflower, Beautiful People, Haunted House, and R.I.P. - Requiem in Phonybrian.

Hana Yori Danshi - (fourth one in Matsujun's section)

Open your Heart - THE STRiPES -
Loosey - THE STRiPES -
Sakura Sakura - Rin' -

Other people, feel free to take as well. I especially suggest Open your Heart and Sakura Sakura. ^^ If I forgot anything I was supposed to share, Octune, let me know. XD

I'll definately try to let you know with as much advance notice as possible next time I'm in the city. Thanks for having me over. ^^ If you're in the area again, let me know. We will gorge and hang out again. XDD We need to get together more than once every 4 months or so. T_T
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