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So, yeah. After setting up roadside assistance for people all day, what happens but the truck breaks down on the way home from work. I got off of work at 10... got home at about 12:30. T_T HATE MY LIFE.

Sorry I haven't been posting alot lately... been too tired, and after being on the computer all day, really sick of typing. Really missing people, though, especiallly Pinkee, and my other gaia friends. I used to talk to them for the better part of every day, and now, never. T_T Imma bad friend.

So, yeah... hate the job. Need to find something new. I was asked how to spell "NY-135" yesterday, and today, I had someone call me stupid when I didn't know how to open her gas cap, when SHE DOESN'T KNOW EITHER, and it's her damn car. >_< Need to get looking for replacement job. Jade, shut up. Don't want to hear any comments about work.

Really liking Hana Kimi live action. Gonna watch episode 2 right after I finish this post.

As of later today, it'll be 20 days waiting for Blair.

Octune, I'm all for hanging out. I have thursday off, and I'm done every other day at 10 if you wanted to hang out after work instead. Left a message on your cell with my phone numbers, or leave me a message here. ^^
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