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Yeah, that about sums it up.

I'm feeling suprisingly down considering I had a really good day. Played alot of Castlevania, downloaded my gay-host-club-worker loves Kiriyama from battle royale movie, went out for dinner with an old coworker, picked up Blair's wig and clothes and some scrap fabric from Anikka. I don't know what's got me down and feeling so anxious... it could be just that I had a good day and know it can't last, or maybe it's because I'm quite dissapointed with Blair's wig. It's the perfect color and length, but it's not up to the construction quality I'm used to (Damn you viewpoints! XDD <3 ) and the fur seems like it'll be alot harder to style like the pics than I thought. Not to mention, I don't know if it'll fit. I'm not 100% familliar with Hound head sizes, but it doesn't fit on Jean-Claude AT ALL. T_T

BTW, that was the big suprise from my last post. I ordered my next doll, a Hound named Blair. ^^ I've been having INSANE troubles getting him, so here's hoping it works out from here on.

I friggin' love So you think you can dance. I miss dancing so much. T_T I have five years experience each in tap, jazz, and ballet. I haven't danced in almost 10 years, though (had to quit because of ankle injury) and I miss it like crazy. Especially when I watch this show. I'm nuts for contemporary... I wish I could move like that. But I got fat and out of shape and awkward and unlimber. T_T I'd love to take it up again someday.

I particularly love this clip from two weeks ago. It evokes the sort of masculine strength I adore, and it's the sort of romance that breaks my heart and I can't get enough. It vaguely makes me think of Kyosuke and Hannah. (It also makes me realize that all of my couples have the guy as the aggressor, and makes me want to make a new couple. NO MORE CHARACTERS!) Give it a watch, even if you don't know anything about dance. ^^

And BTW! Hi to all you people who added me to friendslist without saying anything! Jeez... you guys should have said something. If it wasn't for Kittysun, I wouldn't have seen any of you. ^^;;; So I look forward to reading your entries. ^^
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