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Man, when everything fucks up, it does it all at once. >_

So yeah. I'm exhausted after my weekend of doing nothing, and really didn't want to go back to work. But I just made an order at Luts, needs more money, I can stay positive. Need to take the bus tomorrow to work... I hate the bus. But still, I can deal with it. Supposed to be damn hot. Can deal with that too.

Anikka told me on my break that Luts isn't taking paypal anymore. Okay. I can talk to them and try to work that through. Seems like people are saying Luts isn't honoring previous orders that state they're paypal. Okay. I can talk to them myself and see what they say. Paypal is saying my account isn't verified.

Breaking point.

God, damn it. >_< I fucking hate everything that breathes right now. I don't even know how to verify this without putting my bank account info on it, which I refuse to do. Anikka, help if possible, please? I'd really rather not have to make a new bank account just for online interactions, but I'm NOT putting my main bank account on Paypal.

I guess I'm just so dissapointed because I got paypal JUST to deal with luts. It's my first online purchase, and it's going all to hell. It's supremely frustrating, and makes me want to just cancel the damn order. >_< Every time I even think of the damn hobby, my stress goes up a notch. I need a fucking weekend already, and I have no clue when my next day off is. >_<

PLUS. I was so worked up about everything and trying to get food and get ready to tape Bottle Rocket, I forgot to turn off the input on the VCR and taped 23 minutes of black screen. >_< I've been waiting at least two years to see this movie again. >_<

PS - With one notable exception, I hate people from New Jersey. (ilucallie<3) What do you call a ruder, more impatient new yorker? Someone from new jersey. >_< LEARN TO SAY THANK YOU. On the other hand, cute chinese guy complimented the hell out of me and made my day. Honestly, today was great up until 8pm. Only had a couple bad calls.
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