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Lazy day...

God, I love weekends. I don't want to go back to work. XDDD But monies are so nice~ I want to buy Blair soon.

Went to con, had a blast. It was the least stressful con ever, which is nice considering it was so stresful actually getting to go in the first place. XD I didn't have to wait in any lines at all, since we didn't do the masq, watched it in our room, and Anikka went up early to get our hotel and prereg badges. Bought a shitload of awesome swag at a good price.

  • 2 Gothic & Lolita Bibles - $20 each instead of $42 each

  • Mitsukazu Mihara Artbook - $40 instead of $42

  • 3 Doll mangas by Mitsukazu Mihara - $8 each instead of $15 each

  • Beautiful People manga by Mitsukazu Mihara - $5 instead of $15

  • Clover #2 manga by Clamp - $10 instead of $22

  • 2 prints by different artists in Artists Alley - $10 each

So while my swag is pretty dorky (all paper products XD ) I'm really happy with it. ^^ I also got my brother a little Death Note notebook, and foam nunchucks for his birthday, and I got my mom a pretty bracelet. ^^ I think I need a new bookshelf, though... I'm completely out of space, stacking books on every available surface, and now I go and buy all of these. XDD I also got a new white vest for Jean-Claude that's VERRAH sexy from darthmarysue, which I will pay her for the next time I see her. XD ^^ <3

I was so glad to see everyone there... it blows that I have such awesome friends, and get to see them so rarely. Even just passing someone in the street and yelling "hi" really makes my day. ^^ So I was really glad to see tookumade (even if I finally found her in the bathroom of all places XDD ), darthmarysue, viewpoints, flutter_bywing, leira, linzb0t, little_finch and Sheena, nightrays, mekou, and stillvisions. Among numerous others that I don't have on LJ. XDD I was sad that I didn't happen to run into boxxer_auction (but I did see you strut across stage in the masq! We were cheering you on from the hotel room. ^^ Even though the broadcast in the hotel was several hours time delayed. XDD ), Rob, or Maddie. I can't believe I missed you guys all weekend. T_T

Anyways, behind the cut is a pic of my swag for those who are interested, a really funny comedian that you all should watch, and a video of Kiefer Sutherland just for my Pinkee-luff. ^^ <333 When Anikka showed me it, I knew I had to show you. XDD And BTW, Lousie, when you get your pics up, if you could let me know or send me the one of me, I'd really appriciate it. I also finished that book a couple days ago... please tell me there's more? XDD

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